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Database ORBEH

Database file ORBEH.dbf contains describes of collection objects of Centre for Orienteering History. This file is devided to 14 files and sections.
File Name Description
File 1 Championship of TCH (CZE)
sections: Championship ČSR adults and youth (till 1960)
  Championship ČSSR (P ČSR, M SSR), ČSFR, ČR
  classic dist., short dist., long dist., Ski, night, --- individual and relay
File 2 World Events
sections: WOC, J WOC, WOC Ski, J WOC Ski, A WOC, IYM, CISM
  WC, WC Ski, VWC + other world events
File 3 More days O- in CZE
sections: 5-days O-, 3-days O-, 2-days ski O-, etc.
File 4 Survey and Cartography
sections: evolution of maps, map collections, interests of map, keys of map
File 5 IOF
sections: congreses, IOF presidency, actions of IOF
File 6 History
sections: pre-history, O- original, historical events
  other O- events (IOLPM, Družba, NOM....)
File 7 Bibliography
sections: literature, annuals, methodists, rules, magazines, others
File 8 Souvenirs
sections: flags, emblems, posters
  philately (stamps, envelopes with mark, postcards)
  prizes (medals, cups ...)
  others (souvenirs, glassware ...)
File 9 Equipment
sections: clothes, foot-gear
  compasses, map instruments, technical instruments
  starting numbers, ski, ...
File 10 Town Zlín Cup
  complete documentation of all volume
File 11 Orienteering for everybody
sections: a promotion action „Kufrování s Dominem“
  the league „Liga mládeže okresu Gottwaldov“
  the run „OB Nové svobody“
  the badge „O- runner of ČSR“
File 12 The rest
sections: reprezentations of TCH and CZE
  Czech O- runner of year
  ČSOB - Czech Orienteering Federation
  TCH + CZE ranking
  scripts of COH exhibitions
File 13 Trail-O
File 14 MBO - MTB Orienteering

  • ČSSR....The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (till 1990)
  • ČSFR....The Czechoslovak Federation Republic (from 1990 till 1993)
  • ČR.........Czech Republic (from 1993)

  • ČSR......The Czech Socialist Republic (under ČSSR)
  • SSR.......The Slovak Socialist Republic (under ČSSR)

  • it's complicated......, isn't it? ;-)))

Update: 16th December 1998

© 1998-2003,2007-2008 Centre for Orienteering History
Edition: e-mail