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Official web pages of 'Centre for Orienteering History' (COH)
COH - Centre for Orienteering History:
• Welcome to Official web pages of Centre for Orienteering History (COH). You can find all about sport called Orienteering. There are important links to Czech and foreing web pages. Our pages contains informations about collections, exhibitions, czech map archive and many intersting about orienteering from all over the world.

 Our activities:
• Centre for Orienteering History in Zlin, together with the WOC Organising committee prepared its „historical“ exposition for this year’s WOC in Olomouc.The exposition was freely accessible for all WOC participants and visitors during the whole WOC on various sites, including event centre at Neředín (11 – 13 July), college „Generála Svobody“, in the „Envelopa“ university campus (14 - 15, 19 - 20 July), ie. the same area, where most of the Orienteering Festival participants were accommodated, and at hotel Tenis Club in Prostějov (16 - 18 July).

The main topics of the exhibition were the history of orienteering in Czechoslovakia / the Czech Republic (after 1993) respectively and successes of Czech orienteering. These were described on nine thematically focused banners, concerning not only the history of the traditional foot orienteering but also ski- O, MTB-O as well as trail-O. Some of the items were presented for the first time at all. Individual topics were illustrated by authentic photos of runners and events, maps, documentation photos of various objects and by other O-related items of interest. Comments were prepared in both Czech and English. The whole exposition was arranged with a modern approach, using advanced technical devices. The author of its final fashion is graduated graphic designer.

Name of the exposition : Orienteering in the Czech Republic

Titles of individual banners of the exposiiton:

Banner 1 The Story of the Founders: They Began as Hikers
Banner 2 A New, Autonomous Sport: Orienteering
Banner 3 Heading for the World Elite
Banner 4 Among the World Elite
Banner 5 Czech-O at the End of 20th Century
Banner 6 Contemporary Orienteering: A Basis for Future
Banner 7 Czech Orienteering Federation + Ski-O
Banner 8 MTB-O + Trail-O
Banner 9 Several Days O-Events + Orienteering – A Sport for Everyone

5O let OB v ČR Book '5O years of Orienteering in Czechia 1950-2000' was printed by conduction of COH in summer 1999. This book includes editorials from 13 authors. It has 108 pages with photos and results from home and international events. All the texts are only in Czech language.

Czech O-map Archive and Database from Zdenek Lenhart are composed of almost complete Czech maps from 60's till today. This database is free and it is possible to download here.
Archive of Czech maps (DBF a MS Access; zip)

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