Abbreviations of events
CISM O- Military World Championship
CISME O- Military European Championship
ECM European Cup in MTB-O
EOC European O- Championship
EOCS Ski European O- Championship
JEOC Junior European O- Championship
JWOC Junior World O- Championship
JWOCS Ski Junior O- Championship
PWT Park World Tour
VWC Veteran World Cup
WC World Cup
WCS World Cup in Ski-O
WMOC World Masters O- Championship
WOC World O- Championship
WOCS Ski World O- Championship
WUOC World University O- Championship
Abbreviations of event type
CL Classic distance
HA One Man Relay (Hagaby)
OR O-ringen (more days event)
SP Short distance (Sprint)
RE Relay
Abbreviations of place
999 disqualification

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