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Collections of COH

The collection consists of 15 sets covering a wide area of orienteering. It contains, for instance, documents related to the Cup of the Town of Zlín, to the Czech Republic's Championship, World Cup, Ski-Orienteering and includes orienteering maps, orienteering runner's outfit and gear as well as posters and literature devoted to orienteering, orienteering methodical materials, orienteering related post stamps and other items. At present the depository of the Centre for Orienteering History houses over 1,800 collection units and more than 1,400 photographs and video recordings.

The use collections is numerous. From documentation activity and study of materials for publication purposes to holding exhibitions in conjunction with major orienteering events.

Numbers of some sets:
database ORBEH 2700 pcs summary
photos 1700 pcs orienteering events
scan 3000 pcs orienteering events
audio-video 40 pcs list of materials

Interestings of O-World
COH collects different materials from orienteering events. They are usually posters, flags, glasswares or medals.
Postcards are often published and they are sometimes pressed with an original postmark. You can meet with a stamp with O-theme.
Telephone card is something special. This one was published on the occasion of the WC 98 in Slovakia.

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